Purpose of establishment

This association is a non-profit organization established to promote sound development of Korea's shipbuilding and machinery industry and to enhance the economic status of its member companies.(Article 2 of the Articles of Confederation)


Established according to Article 3 para 2 of the Enforcement Decree of the Federation of Small Businesses (Small and Medium Business Administration) (business registration number : 06-47, 2006.8.30)


Developing the foundation for the development of the light and heavy marine industry through the united integration of member companies
The role of internal and external counters for the entire shipbuilding and machinery industry


Support the industry, including promoting and supporting development of shipbuilding and marine products
Support the expansion and quality improvement of domestic shipbuilding and marine products
Plan to promote mutual cooperation between small and medium sized businesses by simplifying the subcontractors ' production system and strengthening the power of large and medium sized storage products
Promotion of technical cooperation and promotion of joint ventures
Collecting, analyzing, and publishing information about the domestic and overseas shipbuilding and machinery industry
A Proposal of the Government and Policy for the Advancement of the Industry

A publicity campaign for Export promotion
Support for export and export activities
English-label catalogs and directors published
Participation in internal and overseas exhibitions on light, shipbuilding and machinery
Domestic and Foreign Export Consultation

Support the industry with shared purchases