The SHIPSOL has grown in tandem with the domestic shipbuilding sector, which has reached the pinnacle of the global market. Marking the 30th anniversary of its foundation in 2011, Korea Marine Equipment Association(SHIPSOL) has been navigating the domestic and international maritime scene for three decades, making significant contributions to the development of the industry, its member enterprises and their clients and partners.

SHIPSOL's members number around 160. But the fact that SHIPSOL member companies account for about 80% of the tatal marine equipment trade volume reflects the real value of SHIPSOL's role.

Of particular note, SHIPSOL has launched a Global Service Center managed by the association and supported by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. This landmark project is in the process of establishing the infrastructure for a worldwide after-service (A/S) hub that will feature the benefits of ubiquitous service: anytime, anywher, andy device, any network, any service. It is designed to be a valuable partner to our client blue-ocean voyage across the six continents and five oceans.

With this project and other majo initiatives, SHIPSOL remains at the forefront of international cooperation and collaboration in the marine equipment field. Based on SHIPSOL's experience and expertise accumulated voer the past 30 years, we will maximize innovative and creative efforts to become a valuable partner for common prosperity over the next 30 years.

Wishing you good health and good fortune throughtout the year and into the future, I solicit your continued patronage and support of SHIPSOL as an emerging glabal hub for marine equipment trade.

sincerely yours,

Korea Marine Equipment Association