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  • ACE VALVE Company Limited
Top Valve Maker in Korea & Beyond

ACE VALVE is the largest valve manufacturer in Korea. It manufactures various kinds of valves to meet the specific requirements of any industrial application. The technology used in the manufacture of the valves is advanced, developed with patents, and has been endorsed by major firms and engineering companies around the world.

The company obtained ISO 9001 as well as ISO 14001 quality and environmental assurance certifications in 2000 and carries certificates of approval from certifying authorities worldwide such as API, CE, UL, DNV, LRS, ABS, BV, KR, NK, GL etc. ACE VALVE has business relationships with more than 500 companies from 50 countries all over the world.
J.M Koo / General Manager
Sales Department
Various Valves, Others

Ace Valve is growing by leaps and bounds with the support of its customers and continued new development since its establishment.

The company's product portfolio consists of all kinds of Butterfly Valves, Ball, Globe, Gate, & Check Valves for Cryogenic or High Pressure Service, Valve Remote Operating System, Air Vacuum Relief Valve, Dismantling Joints, etc., which are recognized as top-class products by customers all around the world.
  • Cryogenic LNG, LPG Butterfly Valve

  • Cryogenic Globe Valve

  • Cryogenic Gate Valve

  • Cryogenic Swing Check Valve

  • Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Butterfly Valve

  • High- Performance Butterfly Valve

  • Double Eccentric Cargo Butterfly Valve

  • Globe Valve

  • Gate Valve

  • Floating-Type Ball Valve

  • Valve Remote Operating System

  • ROV Gearbox

  • Hydraulic Actuator

  • Damper Valve

  • Air Valve

  • Combined Check Valve

  • Flexible Coupling